Our Story

Meet the Team

Millie & Carrie


Inspired by our bunch of four legged friends; the tear away Jack Russell’s, Ted, Luna and Nellie, Iggy Pop our eccentric Italian Greyhound and the beautiful big, bouncy shaggy Bulgarian Rescue Silvi, we combined our love of baking with our knowledge and understanding of the importance of healthy eating for our pets and developed our home baked treat and training biscuits.

  • Our treats are baked daily, generally to order.
  • You can expect a variety in size and colouration due to the baking process.
  • As far as possible all products used in the baking process are / contain natural ingredients.
  • We make our own broth for our beef, chicken, and fish oaties.
  • Our biscuits contain no artificial colourants or additive’s.
  • Collection / delivery / postage can be arranged.

We chose our name Silvi B after our lovely 2 year old Bulgarian rescue. She has made this her home and has settled into British life brilliantly. This is why we decided that 10% of our profits would go to animal welfare to help other dogs like Silvi.



Iggy Pop



Head Taster


Assistant Taster


Toy and treat Tester

"I have given my dog Eric your treats and he likes the beef ones and the carrot crunch best. He also said that if you want to try any new flavours on him, he is happy to do so!"

~Leslie Chester

"I put the treats down for Lola and she couldn't choose between the beef crunchies, cheese snaps, or carrot crunchies. She ate them all!"

~Derick Robertson